Our lives revolve around the place we live in – OUR HOME. Our home therefore defines who we are and how we live. The ideal home should be a reflection of who we are and it also should be the perfect enabler to how we want to live.

When the moment arrives to find a new home, TCL Realty believes the right process needs to be put in motion to ensure that the new home you end up settling into will be that exact match for you, your style, your aspirations and your life goals.

TCL Realty leadership has brought decades of experience in the areas of Fortune 500 Consulting and Procurement to develop its own Real Estate Procurement (REP) process to help its clients find the right property with the right features at the right price with minimal cycle time.

Real Estate Procurement Process

1 - Capture Requirements


• Capture client requirements

• Capture client weighting

• Load Client-Property Analytics/Search engine

2- Search & Analyze


• Run search against available properties

• Conduct Visioning sessions with client

• Down-select to showing candidates

• Conduct showings

• Down-select to offer candidates

3 - Negotiate


• Finalize Term Sheet with client

• Develop offers

• Negotiate

• Negotiate

• Negotiate

• Reach agreement

4 - Close


• Sign purchase agreement

• Finalize financing

• Negotiate to close

• Close