The Symbolism of Red Front Doors and Wreaths

The Symbolism of Red Front Doors and Wreaths

Besides aesthetic appeal, red front doors on homes have symbolic meanings. Historically in America, a red door symbolizes protection and signifies upon entering through it, warmth and refuge would be found. It was a sign that a home was a safe stop for travelers where they could find a warm meal as well as rest their horses; a welcoming sight, indeed, for a weary sojourner. In other cultures, red doors symbolize wealth and good fortune.

As for wreaths, they are often used to decorate homes, inside and out, especially as adornment on front doors. Wreaths are a symbol of growth and their circular shape represents everlasting life or eternity for they have no beginning or end. They represent the unending circle of life when viewed from a religious perspective. Wreaths made from evergreen boughs symbolize strength since evergreen pine trees hardily survive even the harshest winters.

Picture your perfect future home being a restful refuge. It may have a welcoming red front door with a beautiful wreath. Our passion here at TCL Realty is assisting you in finding that warm and wonderful place you can call home.

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Ramon Colomina

Ramon Colomina

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